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Invest Ecologically

Bright, sunny days can be enjoyed even more because those with interest may participate in a solar power system in cooperation with the BUND. Investment in the future is not only environmentally friendly, but also generates positive returns, returns far above savings on non-green systems. With the legally guaranteed “feed-in-tariffs” (amount received for energy produced), positive returns are secured for 20 years.


The Principle


Why Solar Roofs?

To build a photovoltaic (PV) system, all that is need is know-how, investment and a suitably large roof. Three things that are readily available. The BUND has enabled the construction of numerous solar roofs in Rheinland-Pfalz through the organization of finances and securing operating sites.


Interested parties can choose between two different investment models:

 1. Participation model…

 With a minimum deposit of 1,000 euro, you can participate in a community facility. Investors jointly determine both structure and administration. The annual profits are subsequently divided amongst individual investors.

 2. Investment model…

 As an owner of part of an independent power supplier or a larger facility, the only task is to read the meter and calculate the profits for yourself and the finance office.

 In both cases, the organization and account oversight are managed by the experienced firm Energie & Finanzen in Katzenelnbogen.


How high is my rate of return?

 The installation achieves 4-5% return per year. The legally regulated “feed-in-tariff” guarantees a long-term security (20 years) that surpasses the traditional period of returned investment.


How much equity do I need?

 You can finance up to 100% of your investment through the environmental programs of the Credit Institute for Improvement (KfW). The current interest rate is between 3-4% (depending on development and maturity).


How large should my system be?

 The size of your PV system can be individually determined, and relates to the investment size. Depending on the contribution, you can operate your own system on the communal roof or with a smaller sum participate in the common area.


What is a community facility?

 If you decide to participate in a community solar system, a management plan is usually developed. Administration may be taken over by a single operator or an external manager may be assigned. Other possibilities are the foundation of an association or at very large installations, a small company.


Attachment list

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Bad Ems

 45,9 kWp

 225.000,00 €


24,12 kWp

95.000,00 €

Mainz Philippusgemeinde

 19,72 kWp

 100.000,00 €€

Mainz Stadt

17,12 kWp

80.000,00 €


46,5 kWp

230.000,00 €

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