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Wind Energy Use

Position paper of the BUND Rheinland-Pfalz: decided at the 2002 State Assembly in Koblenz. The use of wind energy is similar to other renewable energy sources, in that, it is particularly useful when the total consumption decreases parallel to an increase in production. The savings are shown in numerous studies to be substantial (50%).The use of wind power is making a remarkable contribution to carbon dioxide reduction and thus hinder global climate change. There are practically no residual waste materials associated with the operation of wind turbines.

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Concerning Wind Energy Use Lecture Concerning Wind Energy Use from the Viewpoint of Nature Conservation

On October 28, 2008, the “Inland Wind Session” was held at the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen. In his presentation, “Wind from the Perspective of Nature Conservation” the state BUND director, Dr. Erwin Manz, stressed the need for the expansion of wind power under the guidelines of nature conservation.

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Opinion of the BUND on the Middle-West Regional Development Plan Concerning Wind Energy

According to the decisions of the State Administrative Court Koblenz and the Federal Administrative Court, the upcoming plan concerning the use of wind energy is planned for examination. This assessment needs clear criteria, proper time and must be legally sound. As the chief planner was overwhelmed, the Structural Certification Office was placed in charge of the northern section of the plan preparation. The BUND has reviewed the specific and overall aspects of the draft plan position. Detailed critique has been lodged from numerous working groups on various points.

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Mach mit!; Her mit den Mäusen

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Woher kommt die Kohle, warum ist sie klimaschädlich, wo wird am meisten gefördert, was ist dran an der Rede von der "billigen Kohle" und wer profitiert am meisten von ihr?