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Stop the Mosel Bridge!

Public petition against the Mosel Bridge to the German Bundestag is a complete success!

The petition against the construction of the Mosel Bridge (new B50) was adopted by the Bundestag as a public petition with over 11,000 signatories. People from Rheinland-Pfalz and all regions of Germany have become involved, as well as numerous other from foreign countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, the USA and China). In addition to the 5,158 signatures collected by hand, there are far more than 5,900 online signatures! The BUND has secured over 700 and a group from California presented over 100 signatures to the local German consulate. Along with this petition, others will be included.

Signatures can continue to be collected offline by submitting petitions to:

Pro-Mosel, c/o Georg Laska, Im Kordel 5, 54539 Ürzig or direct to the Bundestag: Deutscher Bundestag - Petitionsausschuss - 11011 Berlin

A statement that one is against the Mosel Bridge with full name, address and signature must be included. Petitions are to be found for printing at: When the petition committee will convine on the subject is not yet clear. Give your support for the fall of 2010.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting our petition to stop the Mosel Bridge!

The petition with the names and comments of the signatories has been given to Minister Dr. Ramsaur and Dr. Schäuble.

Concurrently, the Transportation Committee has forwarded the protest letter to the German Bundestag (Parliament). There it will be combined with the ongoing “Citizens Petition” Initiative (see here…). On Wednesday 21 April, tune into the SWR-Discussion Round with the subject “REISS & Leute” (video). Also on the FAZ homepage is a video relating to the project (video).

Below is the petition text.

Delivering the petition to the Transportation Committee

On 26 February 2010, the national Vice-President of BUND Rheinland-Pfalz, Heidelind Weidemann, accompanied by Jutta Blatzheim-Roegler of the Citizen’s Initiative “AG Eifel-Mosel-Hunsrück in Motion” and MP Ulrike Höfken delivered the protest letters to MP Winfried Hermann. Hermann is the chairman of the Transportation Committee in the German Bundestag.

left to right: Heidelind Weidemann, Ulrike Höfken, Winfried Hermann und Jutta Blatzheim-Roegler

Why it’s necessary

The Mosel Valley is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. For thousands of years superior wine has been grown on the hills overlooking the river. The hills and ridges are an important habitat for unique species of flora and fauna. Through the building of the Mosel Bridge this landscape would be irrevocably damaged. Therefore, BUND (Bund für Umwelt- und Naturschutz in Deutschland/ Friends of the Earth Germany) Rheinland-Pfalz has started a petition to stop this project.

To the Ministers of Transportation and Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany:

Dear Minister Dr. Ramsaur and Minister Dr. Schäuble,

The building of the Mosel Bridge must be stopped in order to avoid any negative impacts to both the local citizens and the environment. Please ensure that no further funds for this motorway are made available.

As part of the project “B50 with the new Mosel Bridge” the BAB-A60 near Wittlich should be connected to the Hunsrückhöhenstraße A327. The principle construction in this project is a 168 m high and 1,700 m long bridge over the Mosel Valley. Already estimated at 270 million Euros, of which 250 million will come from the federal budget, a significant increase in the cost is most assured. Due to the unpredictable costs, the originally planned private financing through a toll bridge failed, as no investor was willing to contribute. The projected income from trucks is considered to be unrealistic since their numbers are steadily declining. In a time of great national debt, scare financial resources should be allocated to the maintenance of existing roads, rather than “prestigious” projects that will not only destroy the environment but also generate incalculable follow-up costs.

Cultivated for millennia and a world famous cultural landscape know for its wine, the Middle-Mosel loses its attractiveness as a destination because of this cumbersome bridge. It can be seen from the amount of crushing reports from around the world that the image of the Mosel Valley and Germany are being threatened. The chance to join the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites will be forever lost. In addition, there is concern that construction on the “Moselsporn” will significantly affect the water supply to the world famous, top-ranked vineyards.

On the left side of the Mosel, around the Rothenberg, the motorway crosses and EU- bird sanctuary. On the opposite slope, the road will run through the “Moselsporn”, a peninsula surrounded by the river and a unique untouched landscape. Only through poor planning was a corridor and building permission through the wildlife and protected areas obtained. This project irresponsibly jeopardizes the surrounding environment.

For the affected citizens on the ground and the ailing state budget, the geological aspects present a much larger risk. Underground operations have proven that the Mosel Bridge would be built on the unstable Ürziger Slope, unsuitable for foundation piers. On the eastern side, the Graacher Slope is known to be one of the most dangerous sliding slopes along the river. The behavior and dangerous nature of these slopes and the consequences of a landslide have not been taken into serious consideration.

To improve the east-west link in the Eifel-Hunsrück area, there are alternatives that pose less of a dramatic impact and are cheaper.

My thoughts are with the people of the Mosel, people who now worry for their livelihoods derived from wine and tourism. The people need your support. Do not let the people of the Mosel slip through the cracks. Decide against the “B50 with a new Mosel Bridge”- Project, and choose a sustainable and rational transportation policy that will benefit the whole country.



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Opposition to the “Mosel Bridge” is not new, but rather, BUND has been fighting for decades against this money-pit of a project. More…

Out of concern for the Mosel area and the people of the region, a Citizen’s Initiative was founded which has the same objective: AG Eifel-Mosel-Hunsrück in motion.

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