Declaration for Future (english)

Declaration for Future / Commitment to Climate Protection

Global warming is caused by humans and threatens both nature and people. Measures to limit damage are urgently needed. Reduction of CO2 emissions is essential. 

I demand effective laws that will achieve the 1.5°-goal of the Paris Agreement. I am ready to change my way of life so that the earth can stay habitable for myself and future generations.

We can achieve a lot by acting quickly, decisively, and collectively. Therefore, I encourage everyone to sign this document, and to vote for politicians who take climate protection seriously (specifically, the 1.5°-goal of the Paris Agreement and the IPCC). 

*Mandatory: Name, country

Optional: City, date of signature, political function1), additional identification2)  

I consent to the publication of these details. My mail address will not be published and will only be stored as long as needed to perform this campaign.

1) e.g., President, MP, Mayor, Member of Municipal Council, Contestant for Municipal Council

2) e.g., profession, academic degree, membership of organizations, or any characteristic which may distinguish my signature from others with the same name